What is IS "Services"?

Information system

Information system

Digital economics

Digital economics

  • Registries

    Uses decentralized distributed registries and rights authorities

  • Legally significant digital interaction

    The methods of independent trusted fixation and provision of interested parties with legal facts related to digital remote interactions and digital documents are used (services of a trusted third party).

  • Management

    Participates in the concept of state administration including control and supervisory activities.

  • Digital ecosystem

    Participates in creating an ecosystem of the Russian Federation's digital economy, where data in digital form is a key factor.

The legislative framework

The legislative framework

Main advantages

  • Authentication

    Multiple ways of authentication (ESIA in Russia)

  • Simplicity

    Ease of new service creation

  • All-digital

    Entire process of service providing is digital

  • Monitoring

    Management, monitoring, analitycs

  • Digital result

    Service result is privided in the digital form

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